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Josh Gibson MD Scholarship Might Bail Out Students Undergoing Mental Trauma

Josh Gibson MD

Josh Gibson MD has all experienced anxiety, once in a while. However, ever since COVID-19 started ruling our lives, the incidence, and frequency of panic attacks. And the number of people suffering from anxiety have increased by several times.

Sadly, enough, the anxious mental state of mind has not spared anyone not even students.

While few households lost their only bread earner to COVID-19, due to which they lost the ability to send their children to school or colleges, few of them had a pay cut falling into a vicious cycle of debt and additional financial burden.

For students, regardless of whether they are in college or university, or junior school, life has been miserable, not being able to attend physical classes and compelling themselves to adapt to the new normal. However, most countries made sure that students continue with their virtual classes and learn.

Can Scholarship help students?

Scholarships have always been a great source of financial aid for students all over the world. It is a kind of respite for the innumerable students that are reeling under the mental health impacts of COVID-19 since last year.

To mention, the few signs that indicate that you are not being able to cope up with the “new normal” norms of isolation, social distancing, virtual classes, panic disorders due to pandemic, and of course anxiety include the following-

  • A tendency to forget things easily.
  • Not being able to concentrate on studies.
  • Irritability.
  • A feeling of hopelessness stems from the fact that you do not have adequate cash to fund your child’s education.
  • Brainfog
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances that arise from mental stress.
  • Chest tightness and shortness of breath in extreme cases.

Students find it difficult to cope up with the lack of proper guidance in their curriculum and studies. In this regard, the Josh Gibson MD Givingcan come to the rescue of those students that are eligible to receive one.

The ones that have already completed their studies ponder upon ways. To improve their earnings, especially when so many people have lost their jobs leading to severe depression and oftentimes suicidal thoughts.

Tips to cope up with mental stress due to COVID-19

Check out these tips for better mental health during this ongoing pandemic-

  1. Do not follow too many News channels.
  2. Try to get the appropriate information about the pandemic and do not be ignorant about the same.
  3. From your side, make sure you do your part to stay safe and healthy and abide by the social distancing and quarantine norms.
  4. Refer to only authority websites that provide accurate information.
  5. Try your hands at things that you have always wanted to try out. These may include cooking, gardening, connecting with your peers, reading your favorite books, exercising, focusing on your optimum BMI, and so on.

In other words, allow yourself to direct all the activities. That has a productive outcome and does not pull you down mentally.

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