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Josh Gibson MD Giving Scholarship

The Josh Gibson MD Giving Scholarship is a competitive and generous financial aid scholarship aimed towards supporting some of the most academically brilliant, driven and dedicated students throughout the United States. This program was initiated by Josh Gibson, M.D., a highly-acclaimed and qualified former psychiatrist who has created positive impacts at both the organizational and individual level through his 20 years of experience in the fields of psychiatry, health technology, executive coaching and management consulting.

Josh Gibson Is Now An Executive Coach, Following A Decade In Management And Innovation Consulting As Well As A Previous 15-year Career As A Psychiatrist After Earning His M.d. From Columbia University College Of Physicians And Surgeons. He Closed His Practice In 2017 To Re-focus On Consulting And Coaching, Enabling Individuals To Reach Their Maximum Potential.

This Scholarship Award Flows From That Same Desire — Josh Is A Passionate Philanthropist Who Believes In Giving Back. He Realizes That Acquiring An Education In The United States Can Be A Huge Financial Investment, And That Not Every Individual Has The Privilege Or Means To Do So. Josh Believes That Receiving A Quality Education, Among Other Things, Can Open The Doors To Many Opportunities Later In Life. As Such, He Has Initiated Several Scholarships, Grants And Giveaways To Ensure That No Talented Individual Is Held Back From Earning A Degree Just Because They Lack The Finances.


Josh’s success can be attributed to his nearly 20 years of experience in the field of psychiatry as well as more than a decade of experience in management and innovation consulting. As a psychiatrist, he served as an Editorial Board Member of Web M&M (an important online patient safety publication), as a Committee Chair with the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (a leading think tank — check out some neuroscience-based advice on your career here), and as a Senior Clinician for Quartet Health (an innovative platform that connects people with mental health providers and services). Josh also previously served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, where he co-taught and supervised advanced psychotherapy classes.

Before he attended medical school, Josh worked as a Senior Consultant for Accenture, which is now a Fortune Global 500 multinational professional services company. There, he worked with numerous companies across the retail, healthcare and financial services industry, and led innovation in logistics, organizational behavior, delivery, education design and process management.

At Pilot44, a reputed San Francisco-based disruptive innovation studio, Josh was the VP of Digital Innovation and Director of People Operations & Innovation Strategy at Pilot44 LLC, where he provided expertise on the development and delivery of cutting-edge initiatives in digital transformation, particularly focusing on the consumer and medical sectors. He is currently an executive and life coach.

A Man of Empathy and Generosity

Although he built an extremely successful career as a psychiatrist, Josh has always made additional effort to invest his and time and energy into philanthropy. He has utilized his qualities of leadership, empathy and kindness not only in his role as a doctor who helps his patients get through some very difficult times in their lives, but also in initiating multiple scholarships, grants and giveaways to financially support underprivileged students throughout the country. Worth $1,000, the annual financial aid offered through the Josh Gibson MD Giving program is his one such initiative.

Excellence Rooted in Experience 

Josh graduated in 1989 with a B.A. in English from Cornell University, where he won the Arthur Lynn Andrews award for fiction writing. He then obtained his M.D. from Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. There, he won the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award for clinical excellence and commitment to the ideals of compassionate and humanitarian patient care, along with the Lifetime Contribution Award from the Student Success Network for advancing medical student peer education. Josh then went completed his residency in psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where he was awarded the Alexander Simon Award for Teaching and the American Medical Association Foundation Leadership Award.

Prior to realizing that he had a natural affinity for medicine while consulting at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford, Josh worked as a Senior Consultant for Accenture, a multinational professional services company, where he consulted several Fortune 500 companies engaged in the financial services, retail, and healthcare spaces.

He currently lives with his wife and two children in San Rafael, California. When not engrossed in his professional pursuits, Josh enjoys playing basketball, running, listening to music and working on writing a collection of poems and a novel.

Yearly Winners of JOSH GIBSON MD Giving Scholarship

Winner Of 2021

Name: Emma Acheson

University:Creighton University

Winner Of 2022

Name: Nyyah Thomas

University: University of Connecticut

Winner Of 2023

Name: Mary Confer

University: Ithaca College


15 DECEMBER 2024



Josh Gibson Md Giving Scholarship Application Guidelines

Josh Gibson Giving Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for the Josh Gibson MD Giving program, all applicants must first meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Applicants must be a high school senior in the process of being enrolled in an accredited US institution, college, or university.
    • Applicants must be a freshman, sophomore or junior already enrolled in an accredited US institution, college or university.
    • Applicants must submit an original essay on the given topic along with all necessary details. 

Application Procedure

Required information:
  • Full name.
  • Contact number.
  • Mailing address.
  • Email address.
  • Date of graduation.
  • The school or university you are presently enrolled in.
  • Your present GPA.
  • Updated CV/Resume.

If any of the above information is missing, your application will be disqualified.

Essay Topic

Applicants must write an original essay of 400-600 words on the following prompt: In what specific ways have close relationships shaped and defined your life’s goals, as you know them to this point?

Application Form

"*" indicates required fields

Disclaimer: As we will be announcing and featuring the winner on our website, we kindly request a photograph of each applicant to accompany the announcement.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.
PDF File Name Must Be Your Full Name.

Josh Gibson Giving Winner Selection and Announcement

Each application will go through a fair but strict selection process before a winner is chosen to receive the one-time nonrefundable financial aid of $1,000. Any use of ChatGPT or similar AI tools will disqualify your essay. The winner of the Josh Gibson MD Giving Scholarship will be informed via an email no later than January 15, 2025, which they must acknowledge within seven days of receipt or another winner may be selected.